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DTS Fluid Power Electronic Controls

DTS is keeping up with the leading edge of electronic hydraulic controls. We use CANopen and CANbus products, which utilize the J1939 software to create an unprecedented level of monitoring and control of hydraulic systems. CANopen systems connect the electronic components to a central point, allowing them all to communicate with each other. Instead of simply controlling a single valve, or displaying a single item of feedback, either temperature or pressure, the CANopen software collects machine data to be displayed on a programmable screen to show exactly what you needs to know.

Electronic Controls Integrator

As an electronic controls integrator, DTS implements CAN products into your system to keep you on the leading edge of electronic controls. Electronic controls for your hydraulics can:

  • Simplify installation
  • Customize control to exactly your needs
  • Easily interface with and monitor machine
  • Prevent costly downtime via predictive maintenance

Machine Connectivity

One key element of Mobile Machine Control is the connectivity of machine parts and features. In the recent past, device connectivity meant a combination of conventional analog or discreet signals from various devices, many of which were repurposed or not well suited for the intended application. They were often hardwired to panel boards where documentation is difficult to manage and troubleshooting tiresome. Current and modern Machine Controls incorporate device connectivity over the on-machine network with the now familiar CANbus architecture. DTS Fluid power designs and implements high speed reliable CANbus systems that include j1939, CANopen and ISObus devices for sensing, detection, operator input, engine management, graphical displays, and telematics. This allows expedient information sharing, monitoring, and controllability that is customized for your unique needs.

Control Interface

CANbus systems and their networked devices offer many flexible choices for the human machine interfaces (HMls). These CANbus enabled devices take many forms:

  • multi-axis joysticks
  • puck controllers
  • toggle switches
  • keypads
  • steering
  • gear shift
  • braking
  • color touch screens
  • rotary controls
  • gauge emulation
  • cab comfort
  • cameras
  • GNSS
  • infotainment

All HMIs are configurable to give the best control possible for your specific machine. Since all electronic components are tied into the same system, it's only a matter of programming the software to provide your control layout. Features not previously practical may now include operator training programs, speed limit modes, access control, operational checklists, features upgrade, and remote talk-back. Advanced data logging and status reporting can be adapted to any application for remote assistance. Also, failure prediction features and analysis become a reality to address downtime before it happens.

Simplified System

As experts in system integration of the mobile control systems (electro-hydraulic controls) we can also design, build and commission both the fluid conveyance and electronic/electrical interconnection. From power distribution and protection to sensors and network cabling we have experience and hardware to outfit your equipment. An efficient and reliable power, control and CANbus harness simplifies your installation. More “plug-n-play” features are realized with all the benefits.

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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